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Our Quality Services

"We are in the process of showing our signal users how to use TEAMS as a work management program, not just an inventory, preventative maintenance and planning tool."

Legacy Data
We are looking forward to helping your organization make the transition to our collaborative web based application. If you already have existing data that you have captured in some electronic format we can help move your data from its current format into our application and make it available for use in short order. This process includes vetting the existing data and possibly scrubbing it, if necessary, to ensure it is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Data cleansing is important and Design IT can help by applying our deduplication and validation techniques before populating the database. Design IT can help your organization achieve a high level of data accuracy and reliability which translates into better customer service, lower costs, and peace of mind. Data is one of your organizations most valuable assets and it needs to be cultivated and refined to realize its full benefit. We will work with your organization to help make this a rapid and smooth transition.

TEAMS has been developed to capture specifics with regard to traffic equipment, work activities, planning and management, however, we anticipate that certain customizations of the application to suit the specific needs of your organization might be desirable. Our engineers and developers are some of the best in their field and are able to respond quickly and efficiently, providing affordable solutions for the needs of your organization. We look forward to working with your organization in order to provide convenience, and specific customizations, extensions, etc… where needed.

Enterprise Integration
Our staff has created a wide variety of Windows and web based solutions as both stand-alone applications as well as and deeply integrated solutions that are part of larger enterprise systems. Our staff stays abreast of the latest technologies and tools ensuring that you will have the best solution possible. The TEAMS software was architected with the anticipation that it would need to integrate with existing systems.


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