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Our Support Options
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"TEAMS allows better management of our Signal Maintenance Agreement partnerships with local governments, who we pay to maintain and operate signals in their jurisdictions."

Design IT looks forward to maintaining and growing our relationship with your organization well after your initial investment. Design IT will ensure your questions are answered quickly and accurately. Design IT understands that user's preference for support are unique and whether you prefer direct communication over the phone, or possibly an interactive web meeting, or if you prefer working in an asynchronous mode over email, we will provide timely and accurate support catered to your individual needs. Design IT will help your organization to fully realize and maximize the benefits of your asset management system while leveraging your data to its fullest extent.

Phone Support
Design IT provides personal service over the phone during business hours for any of our standard applications. When time is of the essence, feel free to call to get immediate answers to your questions. Your call will be routed to a knowledgeable support person that can directly answer your question.

Office: 803-748-1243
Fax: 803-748-1288

Interactive Support
Some users prefer an interactive help environment and Design IT provides live web based support for users that prefer this approach. Users can either communicate via phone or email to set up one of these web based support sessions. This support is available during business hours for any of our standard applications.

Email Support
For users that find they have questions after hours or that lack the time for a phone conversation, a simple email might be the most convenient means of getting an answer to your question. Email based questions can be submitted to the address below and will be responded to quickly.


Training Support
Design IT offers training to suit the needs of your organization. If you prefer on-site training we can travel to your location and conduct hands-on training ensuring that all users are adequately prepared to take full advantage of all that TEAMS has to offer. If it is more convenient to hold on-line training we can host a web meeting and conduct a live training session. Our goal is to make sure that the users in your organization are well prepared and adequately supported to make full use of the TEAMS software.


Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction