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TEAMS: Preventative Maintenance


  • Log and track trouble calls from origination through final resolution
  • Prioritize and expedite urgent work orders
  • Track costs and time spent on repairs, installation, etc…


  • Customize the inspection process to suit the needs of your organization
  • Track which locations and equipment have been inspected and which has not been inspected
  • Indicate and track the overall condition of a location
  • Note any deficiencies for the equipment at the location
  • Complete repairs or assign a task to a user responsible for correcting the deficiency


  • Track the type of work that has been performed at a location such as replacing broken equipment, repairs, etc...
  • Report and mine this information to gain a better understanding of the type of work that is being performed, with what frequency and at what cost
  • Track the reason specific work is being performed (weather, accidents, vandalism, faulty equipment, etc…)


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